Food Court

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Food Court



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And now, ladies and gentlemen, please sit back and enjoy this, perhaps the greatest comment I have ever seen anywhere: 10,000 porn parody titles (about 44 women).

2 Lays in the Valley

2069, A Space Orgy
6 lays, 7 nights
69 positions in Tibet
A Bitch called Wanda
A Clockwork Orgy
A League of their Moan
A Midsummer Night’s Wet Dream
A Nightmare on Dyke Street
A Wet Dream on Elm Street
Adventures of Buttman
Airport 69
All the President’s Women
Ally McSqueal
American Hair Pie
America’s Horniest Home Videos
Anal Analysis
Anal-ize This
Analyse These
Anus and Andy
Anus in Wonderland
A-pack-o-lips Now
As Good as Head Gets
As Hard As It Gets
Ass Ventura: The Crack Detective
Ate Men Out
Bachelorette Party
Battlestar Orgasmica
Beat the Cock
Beaver & Buttface
Beaverly Hills 90210
Beaverly Hills Cop
Blast from the Pants
Bonfire of the panties
Broadcast Nudes
ButtMan & Throbin
Buttman and Bobbing
Cape Rear
Captain Hooker and Peter Porn
Children of the Porn
Chinny Chinny Gang Bang
Chittty Chitty Gang Bang
Crocodile Blondie
Cumming Holmes
Cumming in America
Cunt Hardly Wait
Dances with Foxes
Dangerous Behinds
Dangerous Lesions
Das Booty
Debbie Does Deliverance
Deep Him Packed
Deep Space 69
Deep Throat 9
Deeper Impacts
Desperately Spanking Susan
Dick, Tracy?
Dickman & Throbin’
Dickman and Throbbing
Die with a Hard on
Dirty Panting
Done in 60 seconds
Dr. Speckle and Ms. Hyde
Dressed to thrill
Drilling Miss Daisy
Driving Miss Daisy Crazy
Dumb & Done Her
E3: The Extra-Testicle
Earth Girls Are Sleazy
Easy Ride Her
Eating Miss Daisy
Edward Penishands
Endless Lust
Face Jam
Facial Attraction
Ferris Bueller’s Jack Off
Ferris Buller Gets Off
First Times at Cherry High
Fist Contact
Fists of Fury
Fisty Business
Flesh Gordon
For Your Mouth Only
For Your Thighs Only
Foreskin Gump
Forrest Hump
Free My Willy
Friday the 69
Frosty the Blowman
FudgePac Man
G.I. Came
Genital Hospital
Girls on the wood
Glad he Ate Her
Gonad the Barbarian
Good Will Humping
Great Ejaculations
Great Sexpectations
Greg Largeanus
Hannah and Her Blisters
Hannah Does Her Sisters
Home, but not Alone
Honey, I blew everybody again
Honey, I Blew the Kid
I Know What you did with the Plumber
I Know Who You Did Last Summer
In and Out in Beverly Hills
Independence Nights
Indiana Bones and the Temple of Boom
Inrearendence Day
Inspect Her Gadget
Intercourse with a Vampire
Interview with a Vibrator
James Bond: Goldenshower
Jennifer Ate
Jungle Beaver
Juranal Park
Jurassic Pork
KinderGarden Cock
King Dong
Kinky Business
L.A. Raw
Last Action Whore
Lawrence of a Labia
Lethal Weapons
Lickboxer III
Little Shop of Whores
Looking for Mr. Goodsex
Lust At First Bite
Lust in America
Lust in Space
Mad Maxine Beyond Thunderbone
Maddams Family
Married With Hormones
Married with Hormones
Mary Bobbings
Men in Back
Men in Black Women
Miami Spice
Mickey Blue Balls
Mighty Dicks
Mighty Joe Hung
Mortal Kumbutt
Mr. Hollands Anus
Muffy the Vampire layer
Murphy’s Brown
My Bare Lady
My foul Lady
My Three Sluts
Naked Cum, 33 1/3
National Pornographic’s Animal
Navy Squeals
Night of the Giving Head
No Holes Barred
Object of my Erection
On Golden Blonde
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Breast
Passenger 69
Pee-wee Sperming’s Big Adventure
Penetrator 2
Pleasure Island
Pokem all: The movie
Poop Dreams
Porn on the Fourth of July
Position: Impossible
Pulp Friction
Pump Fiction
Pumping Irene
Quigley Down On Her
Rear and pleasant danger
Rocky Horny Picture Show
Romancing the Bone
Rosemary’s Beaver
Satisfaction Jackson
Saturday Night Beaver
Saturday Night Eat Her
Shaving Ryan’s Privates
Schindler’s Fist
Schindler’s Lust
Sex Lives of the Rich and Famous
Sex Toy Story
Sex Trek 5 : Deep Space Sex
Sex Trek: The Next Penatration
Sexless In Seattle
Shakespeare in Lust
Shaving Amy
Shaving Ryan’s Privates
Shitty Shitty Bang Bang
Single White Nympho
Single White SheMale
Six Degrees of Penetration
Sleazy Rider
Snatch Adams
Some like it big
Sorest Rump
Sperms of Endearment
Star Trek: Erection
Star Trek: The Next Penetration
Star Whores
Starship Poopers
Starship Wankers
Stud Wars
Studsky and Snatch
Suck Rodgers in the 69th Century
Summer of 69ing
Tales from the Dark Hole
Tango and Gash
Terms of Endowment
Terms of Inrearment
The 69th sense
The Anus Family
The Ass Menagerie
The Beaverly Hillbillies
The Big Sleazy
The Bitches of Westwood
The Blow Bitch Project
The Blown Ranger
The Booby Guard
The Cunt for Red October
The Deer Humper
The Flintbones
The gAy Team
The Girl From S.E.X.
The Good, The Bad, And the Horny
The Hindlick Maneuver
The Hornymooners
The Howard Sperm Show
The Joy Suck Club
The Knights of Cumalot
The Last Anal Hero
The Little Spermaid
The Lust Boat
The Lust Bug
The Man With the Golden Penis
The Penetrator
The Pink Lagoon
The Postman Always Bangs Twice
The Queer Hunter
The Rockford Piles
The Rocky Porno Video Show
The Rodfather
The Sex Family Robinson
The Sex Files
The Sexorcist
The Sheets of San Francisco
The Silence of the Tramps
The Sorpornos
The Sperminator
The T & A Team
The Talented Mister Raped Me
The Temple of Poon
The Texas Dildo Massacre
The Three Musket Queers
The Twilight Bone
The Wadd Squad
The Wonder Rears
There were 12 men but they weren’t angry
There’s Someone on Mary
There’s Something About Mary’s Vagina
Thighs Wide Open
Three Men and a Babe
Threesomes Company
Throbb’n Hood, Prince Of Reems
Tits A Wonderful Life
Titty in Pink
Titty Lickers
To Live and Shave in LA
Top Buns
Top Buns
Total Reball
Turn Her and Hootch
Twin Cheeks
Under the Thunder Bone
Was that as good as it gets?
Watersports World
When Harry Ate Sally
Where the Boy’s Aren’t
White girls can’t fuck
White Men Can’t Hump
Who raped Roger Rabbit ?
Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit?
Who reemed Roger Rabbit ?
Whore of the Worlds
Who’s Eating Gibert Grape ?
Willie Wanker at the Fudge Packing Factory
Willie’s Wonka’s in my Chocolate Factory
Willy Wonka and the Hershey Highway
Yank My Doodle, It’s a Dandy
You Have Male
Yourasslich Park
You’ve Got Male!

10 Things I Ate On You
20,000 Legs Under The Sea
2002: A Sex Odyssey
2010: The Year We Make Genital Contact
3 Days of The Condom
40 Lays, 40 Nights
The 69th Sense
The 7″ Samurai
A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Gangbang
A Passage Into India
A Streetwalker Named Desire
The A-Hole Team
All Hands On Dick 
All Quiet in The Western Cunt
Amazing Tails
American Booty
American Hair Pie
An Orifice and a Genital
Anna and The King’s Cock
Annie Sucks Your Gun
Anus The Menace
Ass Cream Man
Ass Good as it Gets
The Ass of Innocence
Ass Ventura: Smut Detective
Babes in Pornland
Ball Street
The Bare Bitch Project
Battle of The Bulge in His Pants
Battlestar Orgasmica
Beauty and The Beastiality
Ben’ Her (Over)
Beverly Hills Cock
Bi Bi Birdy
Bi Game
Big Trouble in Little Vagina
Billionare Girls Club
Bimbo: Hot Blood 
The Bitches of Eastwick
The Bitches of Madison County
Black Cock Down
Black Jack City
Blast Away
Blow White on The Semen Dwarfs
Bone Alone
The Boner Collector
Bonfire Of The Panties
The Bootyguard
Boston Pubic
Bright Lights Big Titties
Bring’Um Young
Buffy The Vampire Layer
Chitty Chitty Gang Bang
Cliff Banger
Clitores Claiborne
A Clockwork Orgy
The Color of Bunny
Coo-Coo for Coco Cocks
Creamer vs. Creamer
Crocodile Blondee
Crocodile Dun-Me
Cum to Drink of It
Cumming to America
Cunt of Monte Cristo
Das Booty
Deep in The End of Ocean
Dial M for Missionary
The Diaphram of Anne Frank
Dickman and Throbbin
Dickman Forever
Die Hard On
Dildos are Forever
Dirty and Harry
Dog-Style Afternoon
Done in 60 Seconds
DP2 The Mighty Phucks
E3: The Extra Testicle
Eat The Parents
Edward Penishands
The Eiger Suction
Empire of The Sin
The Empire Strokes Back
The Endless Hummer
Enema of The State
Enemas at The Gate
Enemies in The Gape
Erin Brockovich Takes It Up The Ass
Eyes Glued Shut
Face Cowboys
Face Jam
The Fast Girl Scout
Fast Times at Deep Crack High
Flashpants: Cop a Feeling
Flesh Gordon
The Flintbones
For Your Thighs Only
Foreskin Gump
Forrest Hump
Free Your Willy
The French Tickler Connection
Frisky Business
Fucker: A Man and His Cream
The Fuckulty
Full Metal Bikini
Gape Fear
Gapes of Wrath
Genital Hospital
Girl, Intersected
Glory (Hole)
Gonad The Barbarian
Good Will Humping
Grease (Your Ass)
Guess Who Came At Dinner
Gush Hour
Hands On Christian Andersen
Hang ‘Em Low
Hannah Does Her Sisters
Heaven Can’t Wait
Honey, I Blew Everybody!
Horn Dog and Glory Hole
The Horny-Mooners
Hot Gun
How Stella Got Her Backdoor Grooved
The Humpback of Nasty Dames
Hung Wankenstein
The Hunt for Miss October
I Can’t Believe It’s Nut Butter
I Cream of Genie
I Know What You Did To Summer
In and Out in Beverly Hills
In Deanna Jones
In Rear Entrance Day
Indiana Joan and The Temple of Poon
Intercourse With a Vampire
Interview With a Vibrator
Invasion of The Bloody Snatches
Jacked in The Box
Jennifer Ate
The Joy Suck Club
Juranal Park
Jurassic Park
Jur-ass-ic Pork
Just ‘Cause (I’m Horny)
King Dong
The Last Temptation of Christina
Lawrence of Labia
Lay Misty for Me
Little Oral Annie
The Load Warrior
The Long Ranger
Lord of The Open Flies
Love Potion 69
Loving Las Vegas
Lust In Face
The Lust of Moanhicans
Mad Jack: Beyond Thunderbone
The Maddam’s Family
The Magic Flesh Flute
Malcolm XXX
The Maltese Dildo
The Man that Fucked a Thousand Faces
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance With a Big Load of Jizz
Mary Potter and The Sorcerer’s Bone
McKayla’s Navy
Meet Joe’s Black Cock
Men in Back
Merlin: The Jizz Wizzard
Midget on Milligan’s Island
Miracle on 69th Street
Miss Congeniality Gets Gangbanged
Mission Erotica
Missionary Impossible
Missionary to Mars
Monkey Boner
Mr. Deeds Goes Down
Mr. Happy Goes To Washington
Muriel’s Wedding Night
Murphy’s Brown
Mutiny on The Booty
My Dinner With Andrea
The Naked Bun
Natural Born Drillers
Night of The Giving Head
The Nutted Professor
October Pie
On Golden Blond
One Fell Into The Poo-Poo’s Nest
Pearl Necklace Harbor
Pearl’s Harbor Gets Invaded By The Japanese Navy
Pee With Mussolini
Penetrator 2: Grudge Day
APenile Action
The People Love Larry Flynt
Picnic at Hanging Cock
Pimped By an Angel
Planet of The Gapes
The Porn Birds
Porn on The Fourth of July
The Postman Always Comes Twice
Princess Moan-and-stroke
Pulp Friction
Pump Up The Vulva
Pumping Irene
Queer and Present Dangler
Raging Bull Dyke
Regarding Hiney
The Replacement Drillers
Reservoir Bitches
Revenge of The Pink Pussy
Riding Forrester
Riding Miss Daisy
The RodfaThe r
Romancing The Bone
ARubber Runs Through It
San Fernando Jones and The Temple of Poon
Satisfaction Jackson
Saturday Night Beaver
The Scarlet Pimp Ernel
Schindler’s Fist
Screw The Right Thing
The Seven Inch Year
Seven Inches in Ti’s Butt
Seven Years in Ti
Sex Trek: Penetrations
Sex, Wives, and Video
The Sexorcist
Sgt. Pecker’s Lonely Heart’s Club Gangbang
Shake My Spear, I’m In Love
Shanghai Poon
Shaving Ryan’s Privates
She Got Game
Sheepless in Montana
Silly Rabbit! Dicks Are For Chicks
The Sixth Inch
Sleeping Booty
Slippery Hollow (Ass)
The Slutty Professor
Snatch Adams
Sophie Evans’ Choice
Sorest Rump
The Sperminator
Splendor In The Ass
Star Whores Episode II: The Attack of The Bones
Star Whores: The Phantom Anus
Starship Groapers
Sticky White Squall
Stocks and Bondage 
Summer of Samantha
Swallow Hal
Swap Meat
ATale of Two Titties
The Talented Mr. Winky
Tales from The Clit
Tales from The Script
The Thang
That’s Great Pumpin’, Charlie Brown
The lma Does Louise
The re’s Something About Mary’s Pussy
The re’s Something About Merrie’s Ass
Thighs Wide Shut
The Thin Red Slit
Throbin’ Hood, Prince of Sleaze
Tits a Wonderful Life 
Titty Slickers
Titty Slickers 2: The Search for Gold Curlies
Too CloThe d For Comfort
Tool of The Nile
Tori! Tori! Tori!
The Touchables
Toys 4 Twats
Treasure Cunt
The Trouble With Harry Nads
The Truth About Pussies and Hogs
Twin Cheeks
The Vagina Syndrome
Vagina Town
Varsity Blue Balls
Vlade The Pussy Impaler
Wag The Dong
Wet Dreams May Come
Wet Inside Story
Wetness for The Prosecution
What’s Eating Gilbert’s Gape
When a Man Reams a Woman
When Harry Ate Sally
Where The Boys Aren’t
White Men Can Hump
Who Reamed Rosie Rabbit?
The Whole Nine Inches
The Whore of The Worlds
WhOREO: Nookie and Cream
The Whores Whisper
Wiggly Down Under
Willie Wanker and The Fudge Packing Factory
Willie Wankers and The Fun Factory
Womb Raider
The XXX Files
Yank My Doodle – It’s A Dandy
Yo Quiero Taco Smell
You’ve Got Tail


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